My scoring of the country
Would I go again?
Visa & the requirements to enter:
Any Entry/Exit issues:
When to go:
Recommendations – What to see & Where to go
Safety issues:
First impressions:
My experience:

My Scoring of the country:

My score overall: 27 out of 30
Nature and scenery: 9
Roads/riding: 9

Would I go again:


Thailand scored very well for me. It’s a very easy country to stay in and probably live in. I found that I could get everything I needed part wise for my motorcycle very cheap. The roads, especially those that are in the Mai Hong Son look are absolutely amazing. So amazing that I wished I had a more road orientated bike.

That said if you look for it there are a lot of off road tracks, especially old farm tracks in the mountains.

The people I found to be very helpful and you can get nearly everything done very easily.

Visa & the requirements to enter: (Accurate at time of posting – potential to change)

Visa: Visa on arrival (Check your government website for accurate information)

The requirements change so quickly in South East Asia. It’s best to go onto Facebook groups such as “Thailand – New regulations affecting overland travelers..” Insert link. My advice on that however is take things with a pinch of salt. Some of these groups occasionally get unwanted people that may have ulterior motives.

Standard documents are required, see the section on “What paperwork did I need to have arranged before I left?

Any Entry/Exit issues:

Thailand is under going some changes right now and what works today may not work tomorrow or even at a different border.
See this section for my experience and how I got around it.

Exit was easy through the Cham Yeam border to Cambodia, the only issue was my own fault. I didn’t check the date on my temporary import paperwork for my bike. I had it extended in Chiang Mai for 30 days but on the document they wrote 29 days so I was one day late with cost me 1000 Baht!

Note if you would like to leave your vehicle in Thailand apparently it is very easy it will cost you 10,000 Baht which is the max overstay fine. I haven’t done this but I know others that have.

When to go:

The dry season is November to April, but it is warm all year round.

I was there from end of November to min January. The weather was pleasant and I only saw one hour of rain in on evening.

Recommendations – What to see & Where to go

Chiang Mai is a great city if you need anything for your motorcycle.

The Mai Hong Son is great for road riding and there are numerous off road route such as the elephant trail that are in the same area. Generally if you look at the map any where that is mountainous or follows a river will probably be nice to ride.

As you move down Thailand the mountains disappear on the east side so for riding I would recommend saying west. Waterfalls and national parks can be worth seeing, for 50B (<$2) you can camp in moosr national parks.

The islands such as Koh Mak, Koh Chang and Koh Kood are very nice to relax in.

Safety issues:

No safety issues to report during my trip, not once did I feel threatened. People in general are very welcoming and will help you as much as possible.


Currency: Baht

It is easy to spend money in Thailand as a lot of foreigners go there but that’s not to say it has to be expensive.

First impressions:

After finally getting in my first impressions was it as clean, good road conditions and lot of scenery.

My Experience Of Thailand:

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