Myanmar or as I keep saying Myanamar!


My scoring of the country
Would I go again?
Visa & the requirements to enter:
Any Entry issues
When to go
Safety issues:
First impressions:
My experiences

My score overall: 23 out of 30
Nature and scenery: 8 (some liter)
People/Culture: 7
Roads/riding: 8

Unfortunately due to it only being 6 day tour, giving a reliable score can’t be done.

Would I go again:


I would love to go again but with the requirement of requiring a guide and all that entails, I think the only real option to explore Myanmar is to go without a motorcycle.

However you will need to travel through Myanmar if you plan to go from India to south east Asia so this alone may be the reason you visit Myanmar.

Visa & the requirements to enter: (Accurate at time of posting – potential to change)

Visa: Visa on arrival (Check your government website for accurate information)

To enter Myanmar you had to have a guide this cost around $400 but the price depends on how many people are in your group and how many days you tour for. The agency used was Osuga, the price was dependent on the number of people in your group which was one of the reasons I decided to go to Myanmar at that point since with all the discussion about Thailand now enforcing a new law that meant potentially $400 dollars and a guide the whole time it scaring people off.

Osuga require the following documents to arrange the tour:

  • Passport
  • International driving license
  • Pictures of each side of your vehicle
  • Details about the vehicle and vehicle document (type, number plate,frame number, engine number, colour, year of production and drivers name)
  • A list of countries you have visited and intent to visit
  • Myanmar visa

You can find out more about Osuga and the tour here:

Any entry/exit issues:


When to go:

November – February

I went in November as I was told for India would be best from September due to the heat. Also paying attention to Thailand’s wet season which starts May and Finishes October meant that if I entered at the end of October or slightly after, I would have the the most amount of potential dry time in south east Asia.

Safety issues:

There was never a time during my stay in Myanmar where I felt unsafe. Standard commonsense on safety and I wouldn’t expect any issues.


Myanmar Kyat – easy to get at ATM’s
Since your accommodation is included in your tour price you should have no problem with staying to a budget of £30/day. I would say £15 is easily achievable including your fuel.

First impressions:

My first impression of the country was it was much cleaner then India in general. The dust and dirt off tables was no longer present. The levels of litter was much less. The people were kind and even offered you free bottled water at petrol stations.

Click here for my experience of Myanmar

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