My Experience of: Thailand – Entry issues – Version 1

25/11/2019 – 26/11/2019

Entry issues

Entrance: Tachilek
Exit: Huay Xai

Before entering Thailand, it was known that it there could be an issue with been able to ride my bike through Thailand.

About 1 month before I tried to enter Thailand, a group of other travelers tried to enter and came across a problem. When they tried to cross the border the customs officers wouldn’t let them through without a guide, which they didn’t have. They managed to get through as the law regarding a guide wasn’t said to come into reinforcement until the start of November.

For me and the group that crossed Myanmar we were concerned with what this would mean for us, since we would be crossing after the 1st of November. We inquired about the permit that they said we needed ($200) and the guide we also would need ($800 for one day, 2 hours total).

After finding these out we decided that we would group together and get the bikes onto a truck to go to the Laos border. From there we could either continue to ride Laos or try and re-enter Thailand. Ideally we would get straight into Thailand without any issues as that’s we here we all wanted to be. The short answer is we didn’t know what was going to happen or how much it would cost us to get into Thailand or Laos.

The morning of the 25th of November was the day that we would try and cross. After exiting Myanmar we only had one choice we would consider…

Push through into Thailand, our trips would not stop here!

The short version events go as follows:

  • Arrived at the Tachilek border
  • Told to pay between $600 – $1400 for the three bikes and there was no other way through
  • Paid $600 to transport the three bikes to Laos
  • Exited Thailand through Huay Xai – reentered following day through the same border we exited with the standard piece of paper you get at every other border in the world. We were free to ride in Thailand as we wished for no costs.

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