My Experience of: Myanmar or as I keep saying Myanamar!

19/11/2019 – 25/11/2019

I was greatly looking forward to seeing Myanmar but mostly getting out of India do to reasons mentioned in the India write up.

(India write up coming soon!)

I had met 4 out of the 6 others that I would be traveling with by the time of the night before. The group consisted of 2 other bikes, a 4×4 and a RV. We exited India with no issues except the 4×4 who had a run in with the border police when he went to the wrong border.

Crossing the bridge into Myanmar we were greeted by our guide. He was a youngish guy who was very switched on and nice to be around. The process was super smooth, having given the agency all the required paperwork a short while before there was no issues. They even supplied us with a sim card and data!Insert group photo of entering Myanmar

We rode/drove about 1km to the customs area where expecting to wait a while we were all surprised that barley 5 minutes later we were on our way! We stopped at a restaurant were we enjoyed some local food (I wasn’t a fan of the eel!) and brief on what to expect. The women all had paint on their faces to make them look “more beautiful”.

We were told to meet at the hotel and we could ride at our own pace and for me this was great news. Afters China’s experience (Read here: Link)I was expecting it to be guided the whole way and little time to sight seeing or viewing the country.

To a degree we were able to ride at our own pace and stop when ever we so wished. All we had to do was meet at the designated hotels each night and with the exception of one day the days were fairly easy.

The landscapes were beautiful and mostly litter free. One of the most prominent factors of the north were loads of wooden and metal bridges. I forget how many but if I was to say 80 I wouldn’t be a million miles away.

The hotels that were booked were all of a high standard and some had swimming pools!

Upon leaving Myanmar the exit was fairly easy and after a little waiting while they checked the that you had traveled with a guide we were stamped out of Myanmar

The Thailand side however… Read here for Thailand

I would recommend Osuga if going through Myanmar, they were a pleasure to deal with.

Given the opportunity to explore Myanmar more I certainly would take it and have heard good things from those that have traveled without a motorcycle, since you do not need a guide then!

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  1. World trip with bike is exciting idea, very good experience and brave idea. I would like to see more photos from each countries. Congratulations.


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